Grand Cross of Color Officers

Grand Cross of Color 1

Office Name Preceptory
State Dean Lacie Glenn Victory-Marlborough
State Victory Samantha Cooper St. Charles
State Vision Kayla Pearson Republic
State Truth Sara Estes Columbia
State Recorder Samantha Groom Vicotry-Marlborough
State Chaplain Erica Peters Mexico
State Marshal Carey Mills Harrisonville
State Musician Ann Emory Salem
State Keeper of the Door Ashlee Brannin Vison - St. Louis
State Keeper of the Outer Door Jennell Fredrick Mark - Springfield
State Standard Bearer Ann Pennell Appleton City
State Grand Cross of Color Bearer Beth Wilkins Rolla
State Rainbow Color Bearer Michelle Trimble Wentzville
State Cross Bearer Mariah Shaw Pulaski County
State Crown Bearer Shelby Thomas Taneycomo
State Medallion Bearer Laurey Donley Liberty
State Page to Preceptor Janet Thompson Republic
State Page to State Dean Bella Gieringer Victory - Marlborough
State Preceptor Janie Sanders Odessa
State Executive Recorder Nancy Mose Liberty

missouri rainbow girls little pledges

State Pledge Mother: Bobbie Harris

State Pledge Sister: Anna Pierce, North Kansas City

pledge2Jeanne Mueller, Supreme Patriotism and Supreme Inspector in Missouri, developed the concept of Rainbow Pledges many years ago. The main objective of Rainbow Pledges is to introduce young girls, ages 7 to 11, to Rainbow and encourage them to become members of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Missouri Pledges have their own ritual and they are often invited to various Rainbow events including installations, open meetings, and socials. Additionally, members from various Pledge groups across Missouri perform the Pledge initiation during Grand Opening at Grand Assembly each year under the guidance of the State Pledge Mother.

Missouri is proud that our beloved “Dragon Lady” began an organization that has been accepted and utilized by other Grand Jurisdictions of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

The Sparkles
In 2000, Missouri introduced the formation of Sparkles. Any little girl between the ages of 3 and 7 may become a Rainbow Sparkle upon the invitation of any Pledge, Rainbow Girl, Mason, Eastern Star, Amaranth, or Grand Cross of Color Master. Missouri Sparkles have their own pin in the shape of the state of Missouri with the words “Rainbow Sparkle” in gold and seven stars forming a Rainbow in the seven colors of Rainbow.