Grand Cross of Color

About Missouri State Preceptory and Grand Cross of Color 

Grand Cross of Color

This is the highest honor the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls can bestow for service. It is given for exceptional service above and beyond that service usually required. This honor is conferred upon active or majority Rainbow Girls and adults who are members of Masonic bodies. 

The maximum number bestowed is based on the number of new members initiated into the Assembly during the year. One adult award may be given for each award given to a girl. There are never more adults than Rainbow Girls recognized for service. This honor is voted on by the Advisory Board of that year and approved by the Supreme Officer of the State.

The degree was first exemplified on November 7, 1927 in Okalahoma City during the International Convention of the Order of the Rainbow for Girls. 

Adult Service Award

The Adult Service Award was designed about 10 years ago to recognize adults who give extraordinary service to IORG. It recognizes, at the same level, non-affiliated adults who are not be eligible for the Grand Cross of Color. Missouri IORG has many loyal and supportive parents working side-by-side with affiliated adults.