Grand Assembly

Each state or region (called a Jurisdiction) is organized into a Grand Assembly.

Each year an annual Session is held where all Assemblies in the jurisdiction come together for formal meetings, fun, and special events. Each Grand Assembly establishes its own guidelines for activities and special events. All members of Rainbow, parents or guardians, and members of our sponsoring bodies may attend these sessions. Grand Cross of Color Sessions may be attended by any Master of the Grand Cross of Color.  There are also open sessions anyone may attend. 

Grand and State Officers conduct all required business for the Grand Assembly of Missouri and the State Preceptory, Grand Cross of Color, in Missouri.  Highlights include the beautiful Rainbow ceremonies performed by our Grand and State Officers, presentation of the Grand Worthy Advisor’s and State Dean’s service project funds, presentation of the Assembly of the Year and Rising Star Assembly awards, and Scholarship winners. 

Competitions are often held at Missouri Grand Assembly and provide a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. These include such things as Grand Representative competitions, tic-tok, carpool karaoke, essay, and Assembly history contests. A ritualistic competition allows Rainbow Girls and Pledges to exemplify their memorization and public speaking skills.

The highlight of any Grand Assembly is the announcement of the new Grand Officers and State Officers who will serve for the following year.