About Missouri State Preceptory

Missouri State Preceptory

Missouri’s State Preceptory is unique from other jurisdictions.  This separate body of officers includes Grand Cross Masters who have been members of Rainbow sometime during their lifetime.  The State Dean is responsible for all conferrings and business transacted by the Missouri State Preceptory during her year. 

Grand Assembly includes sessions of the Missouri State Preceptory.  The State Dean presides over these sessions including the Grand Cross Luncheon and Mystic Banquet, conferring, business sessions, and election of the state officers.  The sisters of State Truth, State Vision, State Victory, and State Dean are elected officers.  To be elected to the line, the Master must be the dean or past dean of her local preceptory. The State Dean appoints other State officers, with input of the Supreme Deputy and State Preceptor, with all officers installed at Grand Assembly.