About Missouri

This page includes much of the information Grand Representatives share from other states. We hope you find it informational and helpful.

Missouri Grand Assembly

Missouri Grand Assembly will be held June 25 – June 28, 2021 at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri. 

Grand Assembly Events

Grand Assembly starts with practices and Grand Officer events on Friday, with our own Missouri State Preceptory Officers presiding At our Grand Cross of Color sessions on Saturday, including installation of our new State Preceptory officers.  Saturday evening, Sunday, and Monday Grand Officers perform Ritualistic Opening, Closing, Initiation, Memorial Service, Majority Service, Election and Installation of new Grand Officers. We also have many fun activities during Grand Assembly, as well as a Grand Banquet, which are both open to everyone. Each year girls compete in various competitions.  Grand Assembly also brings the announcement of scholarship awards, membership awards, Assembly of the Year and Rising Star awards.

Missouri’s Total Membership

Missouri Rainbow has 22 assemblies.

Missouri’s Sharing Rainbow Treasurers

We have one state-wide publication – “Sharing Rainbow Treasures”.  This quarterly publication is $10 per year and contains information from the Grand Worthy Advisor, State Dean of the State Preceptory, various committees, reports from assemblies and pledges, and other informative data. 

Missouri’s Grand Worthy Advisor

Madisyn Dodsyn is our Grand Worthy Advisor for 2020-2021.

Grand Worthy Advisor’s Service Project  

This year, our Grand Worthy Advisor has two statewide service projects:  Saint Louis Crisis Nursery and Random Acts of Kindness

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery provides a short-term, safe haven for 5,000 children a year, birth through age 12, whose families face an emergency caused by illness, homelessness, domestic violence or overwhelming parental stress.  All services are completely free and voluntary.

Random Acts of Kindness:  Members are asked to do Random Acts of Kindness for others, whether it is a parent, sibling, friend, next-door neighbor, or stranger.     

Grand Worthy Advisor Traveling Mascot

Our Grand Worthy Advisor has a “traveling” mascot, WONDERWOMAN, which is passed to the assembly hosting the next Grand Worthy Advisor’s official visit.

Grand Representatives

Grand Representatives are considered Grand Officers. These positions are held by girls serving as Charity, Worthy Associate Advisor, Worthy Advisor or Past Worthy Advisor of their local assembly. All Grand Representatives are responsible for representing Missouri in other jurisdictions, writing a report of their year, and serving as an officer for the Memorial Service at Grand Assembly.  Most girls are assigned three jurisdictions. 

Grand Officers

Grand Officers are both elected and appointed officers.  Grand Faith, Grand Hope, Grand Charity, Grand Worthy Associate Advisor, and Grand Worthy Advisor are elected by individuals attending Grand Assembly.  All other grand officers are appointed by the Grand Worthy Advisor, with oversight by the Supreme Deputy. 

Individuals in attendance at Grand Assembly during election, who are serving as Charity, Worthy Associate Advisor, Worthy Advisor or Past Worthy Advisor of their local assembly, may vote for the Grand Elected Offices.  In order to hold a Grand Office in Missouri, the individual must be currently serving as Worthy Advisor or Past Worthy Advisor of her local assembly.

Missouri State Preceptory, Grand Cross of Color

Missouri has a separate body of officers for Grand Cross of Color.  These state officers have been members of Rainbow sometime during their lifetime.  Grand Cross meetings at Grand Assembly include election the offices of State Truth, State Vision, State Victory, and State Dean.  The State Dean appoints other State officers, with all officers installed at Grand Assembly.  To be elected to the line, the Master must be the dean or past dean of her local preceptory.  The State Dean is responsible for all conferrings within the state during her year. 

Merit/Service Bars and Proficiency

Local assemblies establish their own merit/service bar recognition programs.  In most assemblies, the girls earn merit bars for Rainbow activities, as well as service hours and awards for service to others.

Grand and State Officer Leadership Retreat

Newly elected and appointed grand and state officers have an opportunity to attend a leadership retreat shortly after Grand Assembly.  This has been at Camp Mihaska, a Salvation Army facility, in Bourbon, Missouri.  The girls participate in “get-to-know-you” sessions, fun activities, devotionals, and planning the future for Missouri Rainbow.

Missouri Dress Code 

Each activity is defined by “type”, so appropriate dress is followed. See also Dress Code.