Grand Assembly Scholarships

“Rainbow gets girls ready for life.” Rainbow strives to instill high moral and ethical standards in its members, while providing opportunities to gain self-confidence and develop leadership skills. Additionally, Missouri Rainbow believes it is important to extend this readiness by supporting scholarships to assist members with their post-high school education and career endeavors.

The number of scholarships awarded each year may vary, based on the funds available through assembly, Grand Assembly and individual donations.  Some of the individual scholarships have been privately funded while others are in recognition of our previous leaders.  Not all scholarship awards listed on the Missouri IORG website are available each year.

A Rainbow girl is eligible if she has been a member in good standing of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls for 24 consecutive months and presently has her current dues card from an assembly in Missouri. Majority girls still in college or majority members who wish to pursue a master’s degree are eligible to apply. An individual can reapply each year while enrolled as a full-time college student or as a student completing a master’s degree.

You may be obtained from your Mother Advisor, or by contacting 


Masonic Body Scholarship and Interest-Free Educational Loan Opportunities

Many of our Masonic bodies offer scholarship opportunities to our members. Below are a few of those opportunities:

Grand Lodge of Missouri

         Masonic Merit Scholarship

         Ruth Lutes Bachmann Scholarship

         Samuel Smith Stewart Masonic Scholarship

Applications and requirements can be found HERE  


Supreme Forest of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America

A few eligibility rules include proof of Masonic affiliation; demonstrate leadership abilities; and participate in community service work.  More information and an application can be found HERE


Missouri Association of High Twelve Clubs, Inc.

An interest-free loan from the Frank S. Land College Educational Loan Fund of Missouri.  


Scottish Rite Scholarships

Great scholarships are open to Masonic Youth Group members in various amounts and different qualifications. More information can be found HERE


Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, Inc.   Melvin Hall Memorial Scholarship Program

Information, requirements, and application are available HERE


Order of Eastern Star – Lois Jackson Newman Scholarship

Lois J. Newman is a Past Most Worthy Grand Matron, the highest honor attainable in the Order of the Eastern Star.  Eligibility for this scholarship project is supported through donations by the various OES chapters in Missouri, the Grand Representatives’ Club of Missouri, and various other individuals. 

Pertinent information is available from the Missouri OES webpage HERE  

Many girls and adults have benefited from the Missouri Rainbow Scholarship Program. To view a partial list of recipients click here.